Tennessee’s ORIGINAL Volunteers

Here in Tennessee, when you think of “Volunteers,” you think of football, basketball, and Big Orange Country. But did you ever wonder why they’re actually called The Volunteers? It all started back during the American Revolution, when our only hope of independence depended on the little militias and “minutemen” who courageously fought against the British… Read more »

Willie Nelson in Bristol!

I’ve seen Willie Nelson twice in my life…both unforgettable shows. If you’ve never seen him live, then I really can’t imagine anything better that you could do with your Tuesday night! January 26 Viking Hall in Bristol ps. We all know Willie for this: But did you know he also wrote this: Anyway, See you Tuesday… Read more »

Northeast Tennessee Timeline

NOTE: I’ve always loved timelines, and the ability to see what was going on in a certain area at a certain point in time. So here’s one for Northeast Tennessee! 400-200 Million BC Underground rivers form expansive caverns under Bristol and Blountville. 4.5 Million BC Ancient sinkhole collapses, capturing hundreds of prehistoric animals. 10,000 BC Native Americans begin hunting… Read more »

Snowy Sunrise

Another visual reminder that a cold winter day makes for a beautiful sunrise. Courtesy of Khristina Bowen