These days, Mother’s Day is celebrated with macaroni necklaces, handpicked flowers, homemade cards and—if Mom is lucky—something sparkly and the day off from doing the laundry. It’s a time to show gratitude to the maternal figures in your life.


Throughout the world and over thousands of years, there have been many celebrations of motherhood. From the Roman festival of Hilaria—a time of games and masquerades to honor Cybele, the mother of the gods—to Mothering Sunday in the sixteenth Century—children would pick flowers along the way to church to give to their mothers—celebrating mothers has always been a universal tradition.


And at the historic Hale Springs Inn in Rogersville, Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of the season. The Inn, originally built in 1824 and most recently renovated in 2009, is a 3-story, red-brick gem in the heart of Rogersville. Back when the only place in town was Rogers’ Tavern, John McKinney decided to build a larger inn directly across the street to compete for the travelling business of people stopping along their way as they headed through the state. Some of the most notable guests at the Inn were Presidents Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk and Andrew Johnson. In fact, it has been said that Johnson decided to stay at the Inn instead of Rogers’ Tavern because of the balcony over the main door—he used it to address a crowd of locals in a political speech.


After a tumultuous century, the Inn closed in 1998. In 2003, the Rogersville Heritage Association purchased the Inn and set out to bring it back to its 1820-30s glory. Through extensive renovations, the Inn now boasts 9 rooms—all named after historical figures that have played a role in the Inn’s story. Of course there are suites named after the three presidents that stayed there, but there are also rooms named for Carl and Janet Netherland-Brown. Carl and Janet stayed at the Inn while their home, The Rosemont, was being restored. When the Inn went up for sale, Carl quickly bought it and began restoring it immediately. They operated the Inn until 1999 and the large spacious room named after them features one of the Inn’s decorative fireplaces.


In addition to the historical rooms, guests and locals alike can enjoy McKinney’s Tavern. And on May 11th, they will host their annual Mother’s Day Brunch in­—it’s a gourmet feast that any member of the family can appreciate. While you’re at it, give mom more than just a break from cooking—book a night (or 2!) and schedule her an in-room massage. Hey—she deserves it!


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