What the heck is a peccary?

About 5 million years ago, there were some pretty interesting characters roaming around Northeast Tennessee. Sabre-toothed cats, shovel-tusked elephants, prehistoric camels…even peccaries. Wait! What??!? Yes, peccaries. Similar to pigs, but with a more complex stomach, as well as tusks used to scare away predators (by clicking them together). They’re also characterized by a strong aroma,… Read more »

All Aboard!

Scott County celebrates its bi-centennial by providing a chance to win tickets for the ride of a lifetime – a pair of seats on the regionally-famous exclusive Santa Train   IN 1943, Flem Dobyns of Dobyns-Taylor Hardware Store and Bill Waddell of the Kingsport Times-News wanted to do something special for their neighbors and patrons around… Read more »