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GALLAGHER! The Jokes On You Comedy Tour with Artie Fletcher and Bob Nelson

February 18, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

After graduating from the University of South Florida with a chemical engineering degree, Gallagher got
his first taste of life on tour in 1976 as Jim Stafford’s road manager. Stafford and Gallagher went out to
California in 1979 and Gallagher decided to take the stage himself. He began honing his own comedy
act while hanging out at both the Comedy Store and the Ice House. As his audience grew, Gallagher
became most noted for wielding his trademark Sledge-O-Matic. He showered his audience with the
pulverized remains of apples, oranges, lettuce, cottage cheese, and pound cakes. Show goers turn up
already “Gallagherized:” wearing plastic raincoats, goggles, sunglasses, and refer to the front of the theatre
as “Death Row.”
Gallagher has the distinction of being the first real star to come out of cable television. To date he has done
sixteen specials: Uncensored Evening, Mad as Hell, Too Real, Totally New, That’s Stupid, Stuck in the
60’s, The Maddest, Melon Crazy, The Bookkeeper, Over Your Head, The Messiest of Overboard, The Leap
Year Marathon, We Need a Hero, Smashing Cheeseheads, and the most recent Sledge-O-Matic.com. The
Sledge-O-Matic DVD collection is available on EBay and Amazon.com, and you can purchase VHS tapes,
2-Bak caps, ponchos, and additional fan gear on Gallagher’s website at www.gallaghersmash.com.
Being one of the most thoroughly calculating performers in the world of entertainment, he writes all of his
own material, runs his own operation, and does over 100 concerts a year, selling out the majority of them.
All of Gallagher’s affairs are handled exclusively by his company Sold Out Shows. Gallagher is a self-
contained touring business with an agent, promoter and road manager all in-house. For the last twenty five
years, Ruth Ann Propper has booked and promoted all of Gallagher’s dates across the country. Gallagher
calls Propper his “Personal Promoter,” which he says every performer needs. Due to the fact that Gallagher
wanted to be in control of his own business, he took off one hat as a comedian and put on another as a
promoter and internet specialist.
One of the reasons Gallagher has always been a successful touring attraction is that his ticket prices are
very advantageous to the market. He has always been several dollars under everyone else. Gallagher’s not
greedy; he doesn’t ask a huge ticket price. His fans always get more than their money’s worth when they
see a Gallagher show, with 110% from Gallagher. Before every show, he has an autograph signing party in
the theatre, where fans can get his autograph and a picture with him. Flash photography is allowed at every
Gallagher event.
A Gallagher concert is an unforgettable experience. He is a keen and original observer of human nature
and the American scene. “My humor makes people think,” Gallagher says. “I want people to look more
closely at this country and their lives to see the humor and absurdity in it all …I don’t have to make it up, the
truth is funny enough.”
Additional Facts:
In 2000, Gallagher was honored by the University of South Florida as one of the most famous alumni and by
Florida Living Magazine as one of the top “100 Legends” of Florida.
In 2007 Gallagher appeared on Curtain Call with David Spatz. (A series done on classic comedy styles)
In 2007 Gallagher gave an interview on XM Radio for the show called “Unmasked,” XM Radio’s new bold
comedy series.
Gallagher was featured on the Raw Dawg Comedy Station on Sirius Satellite Radio. The interview took
place in the “Fish Bowl Studio” in New York where fans were able to see the live interview and view the
Sledge-O-Matic in a new way.
Gallagher recently was featured on The History Channel’s biography called “The History of Joke Telling,”
which aired in February 2008.
In March 2008 Gallagher appeared on the Howard Stern Show. The interview lasted at least 1 hour and the
call backs were amazing. It was a chance for everyone to see and hear Gallagher in a new light.
Artie is one of the Entertainment Industry’s most talked-about “must-see” performers. No stranger to Film and Television, Commercials, Voice-overs, Print and Live Stand-up Comedy, Artie is taking the industry and Newstalk Radio waves by storm. Artie has been seen on Law and Order, Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and The Tonight Show. He has performed his dynamic act in such places as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Radio City Music Hall, Westbury Music Fair, The Toyota Comedy Festival, The Chicago Comedy Festival and Universal Orlando…to name a few. Artie performs internationally, performing for audiences in places as diverse as England, Canada, Hong Kong and ArubaHe has righteously been spotlighted in Las Vegas, Radio City Music Hall, Atlantic City and opened for the likes of Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin, Howie Mandell and Tony Bennett. Regis Philbin described Artie’s ability to entertain and adjust his act to any situation as “Just unbelievable!” Joan Rivers affirmed, “The most interesting thing about Artie is that I’ve never seen so much energy from any person on and off stage.” Through the years Artie has met many people in the business all who have said, “Black or White, it doesn’t really matter, Artie is one of the hottest entertainers to watch!”
Watching a Bob Nelson live performance is like watching several different types of top comedians all rolled up into one. Characters like the lovable nerd Eppy Epperman, punchy boxer Jiffy Jeff and chicken rancher Wilby Stuckinson are as funny and memorable as any you will see in comedy today. Bob’s football routine is a recognized comedy classic and “Morning”, his tale of a farmer and a duck, is one of the finest works of one man showmanship to grace the modern stage. If all that were not enough, Bob’s ability to relay personal stories and observations about everyday life put him in the same league as the best of today’s stand-up comics. His shows are filled with spontaneity, zaniness and singular moments that will astound you. Throughout his career Bob Nelson has been hailed as one of the most gifted funny people on the planet.
A contemporary of Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno, Mr. Nelson’s extraordinary talents have been refined by a career that has included multiple appearances on the Merv Griffin Show, the Tonight Show and David Letterman. Bob has performed live thousands of times at hundreds of comedy clubs, colleges and other exciting live venues including the Las Vegas strip, Radio City Music Hall and on NYC’s Broadway. He has also had the great honor to perform at the Ford Theater in Washington D.C. for president Ronald Reagan. Most recently, he has performed on stage at The Grand Ole Opry.
Bob Nelson was Rodney Dangerfield’s opening act for eight of the most popular years of Mr Dangerfield’s career. Bob was prominently featured in two of Rodney’s enormously popular HBO stand up comedy showcases, alongside other comedy phenoms like Rosanne Barr and Sam Kineson. That led to two HBO specials starring Bob Nelson, including the ground breaking classic Nelson Schmelson.
Bob won an Emmy Award in Philadelphia for a children’s show he wrote and starred in. Bob has since had supporting roles in Nora Ephram’s directorial film debut This Is My Life with Julie Kavner and Ivan Reitman’s box office smash Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bob also starred in the Zucker Brother’s Marx Brother’s take off Brain Donors.
Venue Information:
Paramount Bristol
518 State Street
Bristol, TN, 37620


February 18, 2017
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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TN United States + Google Map

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