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Warriors Path State Park: Summer in the Park

July 23, 2019 - July 29, 2019


NOTE: All activities meet in and near the park’s Main Campground, unless otherwise specified.

10:00 AM CANOE RIDE & AQUATIC DISCOVERY- A quiet canoe in the bright
waters – there’s no better way to enjoy the peace and excitement of life in
the lake! See nature from a whole new perspective. NOTES: You must sign
up in advance at the camp store, since space is limited. Children under 12
must be accompanied by an adult, and anyone under 18 must have an
adult to sign a release form. Meet at the Marina.

2:00 PM TRAVELING TRADERS – From beads to beans, our ancestors depended
on each other for supplies. Come find out about those who traded goods
along the Great Indian War and Trade Path. Then try trading beads to
make bracelets. We’ll supply the beads, you supply the trading and crafting
skills. Meet at the Open-Air Chapel, or main bath house if it’s raining.
4:00 PM ISOPODS – How much do you really know about “roly-poly” bugs? Let’s
catch and learn about these critters, and then have a race to see whose is
fastest! Meet at the main bath house.

7:00 PM MEET THE OWLS – Meet some real live feathered hunters. Come to the
Open Air Chapel and see “whooo…” is waiting for you. If it is raining, meet
at the main bath house.

9:00 PM NIGHT HIKE TO SINKING WATERS – It’s a whole different world out
there at night! Tonight is our chance to discover the peace and the
excitement of a night in the Sinking Waters wetland. Bring a dim
flashlight and drive to the camp store. We’ll carpool out to the park back

9:00 AM REDISCOVERING THE FOREST – Are people becoming nature-blind?
Take an morning forest walk to discover things you may haven’t noticed
before, and develop an appreciation of all the lesser-noticed aspects of the
forest. We will meet at the Camp Store. Please bring water, sturdy shoes,
and a curious mind!

2:00 PM A NUTTY FRUITY HIKE – No, we’re not “nuts,” we’re just trying to find
some wildlife food. Meet at the main bath house to search for some ripe

4:00 PM CREEK WALK – Get on your old clothes and tennis shoes. It’s time to
explore the cool, clear creek waters. We’ll discover a world of amazing life.
Drive to the camp store, and we’ll carpool. Be prepared to get wet!


7:00 PM NATURE GAMES – Don’t miss the natural fun – for the young or the young-at-
heart! Meet at the Open Air Chapel for some lively games about our natural

world. If it’s raining, meet at the main bath house.

9:00 PM TENNESSEE WILDERNESS – Enjoy a slide-illustrated tour of Tennessee’s
wild, scenic places and the special values they hold. After the slide show, well
have a demonstration (with the help of a small native animal) of how to read
wildlife signs. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or pool entrance if it’s raining.

9:00 AM HIKE THE BONEYARD – Come explore a remote corner of Warriors’ Path, full
of geologic discovery. This will be a challenging 2-3 mile hike, so be sure to wear
comfortable clothes, good hiking shoes, and bring some drinking water. Drive to
the camp store, and we’ll carpool.

10:00 AM PEOPLE TRACKS – Wildlife leave tracks and signs, and so do we. But we can
choose what kind of signs we leave! Let’s go on a short adventure to find some
helpful and harmful people tracks. We’ll see what great tracks we can leave.
Meet at the camp store.

2:00 PM SOIL CREATURES – Discover the amazing world of life in the ground at our

feet. Meet at the main bath house to “dig into” a new world.

5:00 PM EDIBLE PLANTS RAMBLE – Are they weeds or are they dinner? Learn to
make a salad from lawn plants. Meet at the camp store and let’s walk on down.
7:00 PM SKULLS – NATURE’S TOOL BOX – Every animal carries along all the tools it
needs for survival! Come investigate some natural “tool boxes,” and find out
more about each animal’s job! Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bath house
if it is raining.

9:00 PM PLANTS & POLLINATORS – Enjoy a slide-illustrated talk on native
wildflowers, and the “busy bugs” who help them thrive. Meet at the Open Air
Chapel, or pool entrance if it’s raining.

9:00 AM BIRD SCAVENGER HUNT – There are so many different kinds of birds here
at Warrior’s Path! Challenge yourself to find our park’s feathered friends. Bring
your eyes and ears to the Open Air Chapel this morning to discuss park birds
and to get your own park bird checklist. Find them by the end of the day, then
meet back at the Open Air Chapel at 9:00 PM to get your birding prize! Please
be safe while looking for birds and be sure to stay on the trails.

2:00 PM CREATE A FOREST – Here’s your chance to design your own woodland
habitat! Meet at the Open Air Chapel, and bring your ingenuity. We’ll supply all
the planning tools. If it is raining, meet at the main bath house.

4:00 PM HEALTHY WATERS – Be a water scientist! Healthy water is essential for us,
and for all the living things in and around it! Meet at the camp store and we’ll
carpool to the creek to test the water pH, oxygen levels, and more!

9:00 PM LONG-LOST SPECIES – A surprising number of animals and plants have
faded away, and are now only part of Tennessee’s history. Come discover the
bittersweet story of extinction in our region. Enjoy a slide-illustrated talk on
some “ghosts from the past,” at the Open Air Chapel, or pool entrance if it is
raining. (Come early to cheer on the Bird Scavenger Hunt winners!)

9:00 AM FALL CREEK LOOP TRAIL -Let’s hike the park’s most scenic trail! Enjoy
beautiful vistas of the summer fields, as we search for signs of the unique
habitats in the open country. Drive to the camp store, and we’ll carpool to the
start of a two hour hike.

2:00 PM CORN HUSK CRAFTS – The early settlers along the Warriors’ Path couldn’t
afford to waste anything! Even old corn husks could become a doll or toy. Meet
at the Open Air Chapel to try this old-timey craft. If it’s raining, meet at the
main bath house.

5:00 PM FLYING “SQUIRRELS” – We DO have flying squirrels in the park forests, but
these “squirrels” are actually frisbees. We’ll use the flying disks to play a game
about flying squirrels and their lunch! Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main
bath house if it is raining

9:00 PM CAMPFIRE MUSIC – Campfires are great, and music makes them even better!
Meet at the campfire circle for some musical fun around the bright fire. We’ll
discover more about the region’s musical history while we try out some
traditional songs. Please DO bring along your musical instrument (if you have
one)! In case of rain, meet at the pool entrance.

9:00 AM WORSHIP SERVICE – Enjoy a peaceful morning worship service at the Open
Air Chapel, or at the pool entrance if it is raining. Sponsored by the Colonial
Heights Baptist Church.

SPECIAL NOTE: We work hard to make our programs both safe and fun!
However, as with any outdoor activity, there is always a risk of personal
discomfort or even personal injury. Please use your common sense and care
whenever you enjoy activities in the Great Tennessee Outdoors.

In case of emergency, please call 911,

then contact the Park Ranger on duty at 423-765-5534


July 23, 2019
July 29, 2019
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Warrior’s Path State Park
490 Hemlock Rd
Kingsport, TN 37663 United States
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(423) 239-8531

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