The Hollywood Hillbilly in Rogersville


This full service restaurant and bar bring a unique culture to the town of Rogersville. They focus on serving fresh food that is familiar yet different, along with hosting an eclectic mix of musicians performing most weekends in their one-of-a-kind downtown space.

Dean Fowler, owner of The Hollywood Hillbilly in Rogersville, Tennessee, says the popular  night spot’s name came from him being known as the “Hollywood” and his girlfriend as the “Hillbilly.”

Rock Star Vibes

The bar is home to a 300-gallon fish aquarium. “Having such a large focal point adds something different to the dark theme of the bar,” Dean says. And, we agree! You can’t miss it when walking through the main entrance. Adding to the rock star vibe, and the entire establishment is surrounded by Hollywood themed art. Dean created and scaled the art to size, then collaborated with a local company in Rogersville to produce the pieces.

The Eats

Yes, that is a Donut Bacon Cheeseburger with egg yolk slapped right in the donut hole. And, it is mouthwatering delicious!

The kitchen staff takes pride in preparing the food and cooking without making a mess. Their motto is “fast, fresh, and clean.” No microwaves or heat lamps are permitted! Meat is marinated weekly and prepped for items like the popular “Trash Burger.” You can choose between a picnic-style or steak patty, each having a unique flavor combo.

The “Don’t Talk About the Fight Club Sandwich” is a trip down flavor lane. It’s stacked with the freshest meats, including pepperoni, veggies, cheese, and is served with a basil pesto-mayo spread on sourdough.

Ever had a smoked Old Fashioned? This is one of the many craft drinks poured at The Hollywood Hillbilly. Sit and watch bartenders, like Josh Moody, make one of these tasty masterpieces. The longer you let it smoke in the smoker box, the more flavor comes from the freshly lit apple woodchips.

The Music

The Hollywood Hillbilly is a coveted spot for musicians. The drum riser is located nine feet above the front door, with the rest of the musicians staged on the bottom level, making it swiftly accessible for set up and tear down.


Dean used to be in a band and wanted his restaurant to have a focus on music. “We wanted to create a space that was easy for musicians to get in and out of, with a built in sound system, mics, monitors, the works, he says. “Nearly every weekend is booked throughout the summer.”

“The growth of restaurants over the last five years in Rogersville has been exponential,” Dean says. “I’m excited to see the community support each other, and thankful for the support shown to The Hollywood Hillbilly.”

Live Music Lineup:

March 26th Sheldon Anderson/7-9

March 27th Ragged Sally/9-midnight

April 3rd Jordan Allen & The Bellwethers/9-midnight

April 10th Ella Patrick/9-midnight

April 17th Johnny Pop Day/9-midnight

April 24th Dirt Road Rising/9-midnight

May 1st Piston Hill/9-midnight

May 7th Mondo Ray Blues Band/8-11pm

May 8th HB Beverly/9-11

May 15th Night Moves/9-midnight

May 22nd Whiskey Throttle/9-midnight

May 29th Larry Wayne/9-midnight

June 5th Steam Engine/9-midnight

June 12th Mondo Ray Blues Band/9-midnight 

June 19th Jason Lee Wilson & James County/9-midnight 

June 25th Barnyard Stompers/9-midnight

July 17th/Faith Bardill/8-11




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