Wingin’ It in Kingsport

Football time in Northeast Tennessee calls for outstanding eats! Kingsport has several food varieties to choose from around the city. But, as fall and football are among us, it’s inevitable to highlight some of the best restaurants for game day essentials, chicken wings.

Wings are a necessity on game days! Whether they be boneless, bone-in, chicken wing, or thigh, they all make the atmosphere of a game day more enjoyable. Kingsport has just the places for you to try on your next game day!

To start our journey, The Bohemian is located in both Knoxville and Kingsport and has several wonderful game day options. They serve House Smoked Wings with three sauce choices. Vaudevillian BBQ, White BBQ, and Goku Sauce, all made in-house. These wings are brined with cider, covered in a house-made rub, smoked over Applewood, and then tossed in the choice of sauce that you would prefer. Sounds like a warm and enjoyable meal for a cold football day!

Next on our stop, Backwoods Burger Bar takes pride in bringing its food from the backwoods of Kingsport! Originally located in the mountains of Mt. Carmel but in 2019 Backwoods moved to downtown Kingsport. In its fifth year of being open, Backwoods has mastered the chicken wing. Other than chicken wings, they serve grilled chicken breast covered in buffalo sauce. This meal sounds like a boneless wing lovers’ paradise.

Rounding the corner, Center Street Grill has the classic smoked chicken wings. Served with an in-house rub and your choice of sauce between mild buffalo, BBQ, spiced BBQ, and Sirach bourbon. If you’re having the game day at home you can order the party pack that contains 24 wings or the choice between 6 or 10 wings if it’s just you on game day!

Down the road, Main Street Pizza Company has a location in Johnson City and Kingsport. Focused mainly on pizza, they also have wings that can be found on the starters section of their menu. Chicken wings that can be tossed in buffalo, BBQ, or sweet sriracha lime. You can order 6, 12, or 18 chicken wings in an order. Might as well add on a pizza for that game day dinner!

Located downtown, Stir Fry Café is a regional favorite. Known for its Asian cuisine, it surprises individuals when they find chicken wings on the menu. As a starter, you can order a pound of wings that are roasted Springer Mountain Chicken wings with a blend of spice tossed in Southern Craft BBQ sauce.

A staple for over 18 years and offering smoked wings is Broad Street BBQ. Broad Street BBQ doesn’t disappoint on game days. Perhaps the addition you’ve been missing on game days is a wing buffet? The solution is to try more than one restaurant in Kingsport!

Braden’s BBQ, great service made with love. Locally owned and operated, serving up three options of smoked wings. You can order 6, 10, or 25 wings made fresh daily. With the order of wings, you get a choice of one side. Shown below is the famous blue cheese dip with potato chips.

Are you feeling hungry now? It’s your lucky day, you can have a buffet of wings without the massive price! November 3, Wing Fling is back in Kingsport and will feature 10 regional favorites, including some of the wings listed today. Tickets are $15 to try all 10 vendors and the wings they’ve prepared! For more information about Wing Fling, visit www.visitkingsport.com or Visit Kingsport on Facebook or Instagram.