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Warriors Path State Park: Summer it the Park

June 25, 2019 - June 30, 2019


NOTE: All activities meet in and near the park’s Main Campground, unless otherwise specified.
9:00 AM KAYAK RIDE & AQUATIC DISCOVERY- A quiet kayak in the bright
waters – there’s no better way to enjoy the peace and excitement of life in
the lake! See nature from a whole new perspective. NOTES: You must
sign up in advance at the Camp Store. Children under 12 must be
accompanied by an adult, and anyone under 18 must have an adult to
sign a release form. Note that we will be on the water for 2-3 hours, so
snacks, water, and sunscreen are highly encouraged. Meet at the Marina.
3:00 PM “ALIENS” AMONG US – Not creatures from Mars, but non-native plants
and animals. Come find out how these “invaders” traveled here, and how
they affect our native species. Meet at the main bath house for a short

5:00 PM EDIBLE PLANTS RAMBLE – Are they weeds or are they dinner?
Learn to make a salad from lawn plants. Meet at the camp store and let’s
walk on down.

7:00 PM MEET THE OWLS – Meet some real live feathered hunters. Come to the
Open Air Chapel and see “whooo…” is waiting for you. If it is raining,
meet at the main bath house.

9:00 PM NIGHT HIKE TO SINKING WATERS – It’s a whole different world out
there at night! Tonight is our chance to discover the peace and the
excitement of a night in the Sinking Waters wetland. Bring a dim
flashlight and drive to the camp store. We’ll carpool to the trail.

10:00 AM BIRD SCAVENGER HUNT – There are so many different kinds of birds
here at Warrior’s Path! Challenge yourself to find our park’s feathered
friends. Bring your eyes and ears to the Open Air Chapel to discuss park
birds and to get a park bird checklist. Find them by the end of the day,
then meet back at the Open Air Chapel at 9:00 PM to get your birding
prize! Be safe while looking for birds and be sure to stay on the trails.
11:00 AM HEALTHY WATERS – Be a water scientist! Healthy water is essential
for us, and for all the living things in and around it! Meet at the camp
store and we’ll carpool to the creek to test the water pH, oxygen levels,
and more!

3:00 PM NATURE CRAFTS – You can make a friend! Create your own creatures
using natural materials. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or the main bath
house if it is raining.

5:00 PM BIKE RIDE TO SHIPLEY CEMETERY -Long years before this was a park, it
was the Shipley family farm. As we visit their family cemetery, and the green
hills beyond, we can get a better feeling for their land and their lives. Pedal on
down to the camper check-in station. Note that ALL riders MUST wear a bicycle
helmet. Children 10 or under must be accompanied by an adult!

9:00 PM BIRDS OF THE NIGHT – We know the early bird gets the worm, but what
about the late one? Meet at the Open Air Chapel for a slideshow about the lives
of the many nocturnal birds here at the park! Come early to cheer the winners of
the Bird Scavenger Hunt. (In case of rain, meet at the pool entrance).

8:00 AM EARLY MORNING BIRD WALK – Wake up and smell the worms! Come for a
nice morning walk around Duck Island and greet the day with our feathered
friends! Bring binoculars if you have them (we’ll have a few extras).

1:00 PM CAPTIVATING COYOTES – Lets have a howling good time as we discover
more about the “coy” coyote! Find out about coyote life stories and play a coyote
game too. Meet at the Campfire Circle and be sure to wear bug repellant! If it’s
raining, meet at the main bathhouse.

3:00 PM PAW PAW PATROL – Have you heard of Paw Paw trees? Let’s go “way down
yonder to the Paw Paw patch!” We’ll discover more about this amazing native
fruit tree. Join the “Paw Paw Patrol” along the trail. Drive to the camp store,
and we’ll carpool.

5:00 PM SEED RACES – Wind, water, and animals carry seeds of new trees and plants
all across the land. Our “wind” can help too! Meet at the Open Air Chapel to
show off your “hot air” and plant some new life. Meet at the main bath house if it

7:00 PM RIVERBANK STROLL -This green river valley has seen generations of
travelers. This evening, we’ll travel together, and search for signs of the wildlife
and the people who came before us. Meet at the main bath house.

9:00 PM TENNESSEE WILDERNESS – Enjoy a slide-illustrated tour of Tennessee’s
wild, scenic places and the special values they hold. After the slide show, well
have a demonstration (with the help of a small native animal) of how to read
wildlife signs. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or pool entrance if it’s raining.

9:30 AM SINKING WATERS RIDGE HIKE – Explore succession – the changing face of
nature – on the first loop of the Sinking Waters Trail. We’ll discover the
woodlands changing all around us! Drive to the camper check-in station, and
we’ll carpool to the start of the trail.

11:00 AM MARVELOUS MILKWEED – Let’s hike out in the summer meadows, and find
out who is at home in the milkweed patch. Drive to the camp store, and we’ll

3:00 PM NATURE’S POLLINATORS – Pollinators are precious, and our park is home
to many of them! Bring yourself and your keen eyes down to the Campfire Circle.
We’ll search for park pollinators, and find out why they are so important! (In
case of rain, meet at the main bath house.)

5:00 PM FOLK MEDICINE – How did folks deal with their ills before there were
pharmacies or doctors? Our Appalachian region is rich in tradition, including the
tradition of folk medicine. Perhaps you know some traditional medicines or
healing methods passed on to you. We would love to listen and learn! Children
come to listen, and adults come to share your family traditions. Meet at the
Open Air Chapel, or main bath house if it’s raining.

7:00 PM OLD TIMEY GAMES – Enjoy some good-old fun! Try some games from the
early settlement days of East Tennessee. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main
bath house if it’s raining.

9:00 PM TENNESSEE TALES – Enjoy a slide-illustrated talk on Tennessee Folklife, and
then share some good-old traditional tall tales. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or
pool entrance if it rains.

9:30 PM RIPARIAN RETREAT – Riparian means along the creek bank! Come along for
a cool hike near Fall Creek, on the far side of the Devil’s Backbone. Drive to the
camper check-in station, and we’ll carpool.

1:00 PM JUNIOR RANGERS: WILDLIFE SHELTERS – Help our park become a
better home for wildlife. You’ll make our land a fine habitat, and begin to earn
your Junior Ranger badge. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bath house if
it’s raining.

3:00 PM 100 INCH HIKE – Especially for small, tired feet! Discover life on the tiny side.
This will also be a great chance to catch a critter for the races! Meet at the main
bath house.

3:30 PM CRITTER RACE FOR FREEDOM – Bring your best creepy crawler to the
main bath house. They’ll all win, because they’ll all get their freedom. No pets or
flying creatures please.

5:00 PM DREAM CATCHERS – Let’s make these “catchy” little decorations, inspired by

Native American craft. Meet at the main bath house.

7:00 PM BE AN ANIMAL! – If you were a park “critter,” where would you find the things
you need to stay alive? Come on along for a “critter supply walk!” Meet at the
Open Air Chapel (main bath house if it’s raining).

9:00 PM CHEROKEE CAMPFIRE TALES – Meet at the campfire circle, and enjoy the
stories told by the FIRST travelers along the Warriors’ Path. In case of rain,
meet at the pool entrance.

9:00 AM WORSHIP SERVICE – Enjoy a peaceful morning worship service at the Open
Air Chapel, or at the pool entrance if it is raining. Sponsored by the Colonial
Heights Baptist Church.

SPECIAL NOTE: We work hard to make our programs both safe and fun!
However, as with any outdoor activity, there is always a risk of personal
discomfort or even personal injury. Please use your common sense and care
whenever you enjoy activities in the Great Tennessee Outdoors.


June 25, 2019
June 30, 2019
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Warrior’s Path State Park
490 Hemlock Rd
Kingsport, TN 37663 United States
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