Andrew Johnson National Historic Site & National Cemetery

The picturesque setting of Greeneville, Tennessee frames the life of the 17th president, Andrew Johnson. His arrival to town in 1826 as a humble tailor launched his unexpected political career.  The National Park Service preserves artifacts of Johnson’s life including Johnson’s original Tailor shop. Andrew’s business became the local gathering place for political talk, shaping his views on the world around him. An early brick home of Johnson and his wife, Eliza, sits across the street from the tailor shop, offering exhibits on the Johnson children, and the pulse of the nation leading to Civil War. Johnson had no formal education, yet he became a skilled debater and was elected to many political offices. Perhaps the result of his successes is best illustrated by the preservation of his large Homestead on Main Street.  Most furnishings on display at this home are authentic to the Johnson family. Visitors touring the home will see graffiti etched into the walls of this home from soldiers occupying the area while Johnson served as Military Governor for Tennessee. Not far from this home is the final resting place of Andrew Johnson and his family atop Monument Hill. This active National Cemetery honors fallen soldiers.

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