Leaders for a Litter-Free Tennessee: Jared Kreiss

Outdoor recreation has seen an influx of folks who aren’t recreating responsibly. Overcrowding in areas like Laurel Falls of the Cherokee National Forest, Dolly Sods in West Virginia, and Max Patch along the Appalachian Trail has contributed to an increase in pollution and trail erosion. Follow along as we feature local leaders for a litter-free Tennessee and ways you can help reduce your footprint on our lands.

Meet Jared Kreiss, a local Tennessee photographer who utilizes his passion for capturing photos to spread an awareness for the natural world all around us! By sharing his photography across online platforms and publications, Jared invites his followers to grow an appreciation for the outdoors and protect them.

Jared grew up in New Zealand taking hikes and exploring for hours on end with his father. This is where his passion for nature started, along with his love for photography. Jared finds peace, perspective, and feels most alive when he is recreating in the great outdoors. As he photographs places like the magical sunrises atop Roan Mountain and misty mountain scenes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Jared has noticed an influx in the amount of trash littered among these areas. His photography spreads an awareness of the beauty found in our local outdoor scene, and he encourages followers to do their part in protecting the environment.

What? How? Where? How?

“Be conscious of what and how you consume, where it comes from and how it’s made.” Jared strives to live a minimalist lifestyle and is mindful of the products and brands he supports. If you are diligent at buying goods with minimal to no packaging, then you are already saving space in landfills. By purchasing less plastic and being aware of what products are made of, he believes we can all make a difference starting with ourselves and the goods we consume.

Follow Jared’s Instagram page and photography website for beautiful photos of our region.

If you are looking for an activity to get outside and off the couch while still social distancing during the pandemic, put your volunteer shoes on and head to the hills! We take pride in our beautiful mountain scenery in Northeast Tennessee and want to protect it for generations to come. We need YOU to join us and local leaders for a litter-free Tennessee!