Looking for the Lost State in a Distillery

If you’re looking to stock up your bar cart, Bristol has a secret and it’s called Lost State Distillery. This family-owned business was voted Best New Craft Distillery from USA Today 2020 Readers’ Choice. Drop by their shop and you’ll be treated to some of the finest small-batch spirits you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.


It is immediately apparent that this is a locally owned business simply by their name “Lost State.” The name is a reference to the Lost State of Franklin. After the Revolutionary War, some Appalachians were not pleased with how the government was unresponsive to their needs, so they wanted to create their own independent state. People in our area would now refer to this as “rugged individualism.” Lost State Distillery certainly embodies this spirit in their craft distillery. They produce small batch gin, rum, Tennessee Whiskey, and even canned cocktails. Their liquors have clever names that are throwbacks to the days of the attempted Lost State of Franklin.


Lost State Distillery has a modest tasting room where you can try their small batch specialties. Nolichucky Jack Silver Rum, Secession Tennessee Gin, Andiron Vodka, and Franklin Four Maple Flavored Whiskey are all fan favorites and available to sample in the tasting room. For the holidays, try the Cinnamon Maple Flavored Whiskey. This is only available from September to March, but is a must have for those holiday apple ciders and eggnogs.


If you are looking for a great gift idea, Lost State will ship their goods to most of the United States. For that person who has everything, splurge on the “Journey to Bottled in Bond.” This includes 12 x 375 ml of the 1784 Tennessee Whiskey, two bottles per stage of the aging process. There are only 300 spots available in this whiskey adventure.


Lost State’s canned cocktails are a huge hit! Most recently, the Vodka Lemonade and the Lime Margarita have been available. These cocktails are a delicious mix of real juice, cane sugar, and filtered water. The freshness is apparent in each sip.

While You’re There

Check out the Birthplace of Country Music, the iconic State Street Sign, downtown Bristol, and more. Start planning at explorebristol.com.

Lost State Distillery
200 State Street
Bristol, TN 37620
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12 PM-5 PM