The Heart of Northeast Tennessee

Northeast Tennessee is a region characterized by small towns, rolling hills and rich history. Often referred to as Southern Appalachia, the entertaining attractions are literally limitless across the dynamic landscape. Festivals and numerous historic sites celebrate a strong folklore and frontier past. Voluminous mountains give way to spacious farmland that is solely interrupted by rural communities. The entire population is just shy of 750,000, but the locals compensate with character and kindness.

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The diversity of land and culture gives life to countless attractions. From the “big cities” to the small town staples, the various region offers everything from luxuriant shopping and five star dining to challenging hiking and dining under the stars. Nationally recognized as the Birthplace of Country Music and the Storytelling Capital of the World, home to NASCAR’s fastest half mile, Davey Crockett, President Andrew Johnson, the famous Cherokee Native American Tribe, and Tennessee’s oldest and second oldest towns, significant history makes up a portion of local attractions.

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The local people love to remember their rich heritage and share it with the world. Lively festivals such as Rhythm and Roots Reunion, Blue Plum, The Iris Festival, Fun Fest, Heritage Days, The Storytelling Festival and many more are found within a Southern Appalachian year and attract people from around the world. Museums can be found dotted throughout the rustic land. Any given day boaters, swimmers and fishermen can be found experiencing the diversity of the three distinctive lakes.

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Northeast Tennessee may have a multitude of attractions, however the geographical terrain is beyond compare. With vast forests of rugged mountains, it is easy to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply delight in the tranquility of nature. Meandering streams occupy quaint valleys that host a variety of woodland creatures big and small. Deep gorges hold tumbling rivers that create some of the best kayaking available. Some of the most enchanting colors created by nature can be found in the lavish trees and wild flowers all year around. The sun glistening on the dew-kissed, misty morning landscape characterizes the natural beauty of Northeast Tennessee.

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Peaceful landscapes compliment arousing activities in Southern Appalachia. The simplistic way of life proves charming to many looking in. Kind hearted, delightful locals take pride in making visitors feel welcomed, and the therapeutic natural beauty is unrivaled. These are all factors that help forge the heart of Northeast Tennessee – America’s First Frontier.