The Philosopher’s House

Think of this downtown establishment like your living room mixed with your favorite library, and add an eclectic mix of cultures. The Philosopher’s House in Johnson City, Tennessee, is a space to gather, conversate, relax, and try new things.

A Cup of Tea

Walking into The Philosopher’s House brings a sense of walking into an old familiar friend’s home. The atmosphere is cozy, neat, and intriguing- like that feeling of settling in to read a new book that’s been on your list for a while. There are a handful of “conversation rooms,” like The Victorian room pictured above. It’s common for folks to sit down and make acquaintances in these rooms, then start up a conversation.

Gong-Fu Cha

Upon your arrival at the tea house, order a Gong-Fu Cha tea ceremony with your favorite blend. This method of brewing tea is ceremonial and involves a ritual and presentation of tea. Often practiced with “mindfulness,” this brewing method takes discipline and skill as a reminder to be in the present moment. If you don’t like it, you pour it down the drain and try again. It is good luck to feed your “tea pets,” and they have plenty of cute ones to choose from.

The Curious-Minded

Among new friendships and good tea, you will find a list of classes and events that take place on the upper level of The Philosopher’s House. Beginner Meditation, Yoga, and Book Club are a few classes taking place in the near future.

“Tea engages us and widens our perspective at the same time,” (ThePhilosophersHouse.org).

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