Warriors Path: Summer in the Park May 30 – June 4

Summer is here and Warriors Path State Park is hosting a variety of activities dedicated to the colorful and warm summer season in the great outdoors. Partake in sessions dedicated to packing for the trail, creating art from nature, up close with native animals, night hikes and wake up walks, star gazing, Cherokee games, campfire tales and even more for all ages dedicated to Northeast Tennessee’s largest attraction – the great outdoors.

Join park program staff Emily Arnold and Marty Silverome May 30 – June 4 for week full of outdoor fun! You can wander the night woods, watch dragonflies, play Cherokee games, and much more. And it’s all free!

Here’s the detailed schedule for this week:


12 NOON      PACKING FOR THE TRAIL – Not sure what you need for the trail? Find out what you DO and DON’T need to pack for a fun hike. Meet at the Open Air Chapel (or main bath house if it’s raining).

3:00 PM        SMOOTH, SPIKY, OR STICKY – Come get a FEEL for nature as we use our sense of touch to explore the forest! Meet at the Open Air Chapel for a hands-on walk. Don’t forget your water and sturdy, closed-toed shoes!

5:00 PM        LEAF ART – Explore the artistic side of nature as we make leaf rubbings and decorate frames for our artwork! Meet at the main bath house. We’ll supply the materials, you supply the creative fingers.

7:00 PM        MEET THE OWLS – Meet some real live feathered hunters. Come to the Open Air Chapel and see “whooo…” is waiting for you. If it is raining, meet at the main bath house.

9:00 PM        NIGHT HIKE TO SINKING WATERS – It’s a whole different world out there at night! Tonight is our chance to discover the peace and the excitement of a night in the Sinking Waters wetland. Bring a dim flashlight and drive to the camp store. We’ll carpool out to the park back country.



9:30 AM        WAKE UP WALK – Let’s wake up our senses to morning in the forest. Meet at the main bath house for a refreshing morning walk.

11:30 AM      SPOTLIGHT STROLL – Let’s shine our light on some bright natural discoveries. Meet at the camp store to begin a short, sunlit hike.

3:00 PM        TAG – You’re it! You’re the one we need to make all these great tag games work. Meet at the Open Air Chapel for all kinds of tag games. If it is raining, meet at the main bath house.

5:00 PM        BEACH SEARCH – The lakeshore is full of tiny beaches, full of signs of wildlife and clues to the people who once traveled here. Each wave brings us new things to find! Meet at the main bath house to begin our natural “treasure hunt.”

7:00 PM        SKY WHEELS – Which stars will be out tonight? Create your very own star-watching tool! We’ll make paper planispheres to help us know the stars and constellations. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bath house if it’s raining

9:00 PM        STAR GAZING – There’s a universe waiting to be discovered just above our heads. Let’s look up and wonder at the stars. Meet at the campfire circle, east end of the main campground. In case of rain, meet at the pool entrance for some night sky legends.



9:30 AM        SINKING WATERS RIDGE HIKE – Explore succession – the changing face of nature –  on the first loop of the Sinking Waters Trail. We’ll discover the woodlands changing all around us! Drive to the camp store, and we’ll carpool to the start of the trail.

11:00 AM      MYSTERY ANIMAL BINGO – Test your knowledge of park wildlife with this new twist on a good-old old game. You might even win a prize! Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bath house if it is raining.

1:00 PM        CRITTER SNACKS – Let’s make a snack for our feathered and furry friends! Meet at the Open Air Chapel, and you’ll be able to bring back home your own little “critter feeder.” In case of rain, meet at the main bath house.

3:00 PM        ID THE TREE – “Wood” you like to know what tree you are camping under? You don’t want to “leaf” the park without finding out! Meet at the main bath house, and we’ll learn some local trees together.

5:00 PM        NATURE GAMES – Don’t miss the natural fun – for the young or the young-at-heart! Meet at the Open Air Chapel for some lively games about our natural world. If it’s raining, meet at the main bath house.

7:00 PM        WET WORLDS – For us, the lake is a place to go boating or fishing. But for the micro-world of plankton, it’s a home. Come help us sample this incredible world of tiny lives floating in lake water. Meet at the main bath house, and we’ll stroll on down to the shore.

9:00 PM        DRAGONFLIES – These fascinating insects have some amazing life stories to tell. Come enjoy a slide-illustrated talk about these “bugs” that zip through the summer skies. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or the pool entrance if it’s raining.



9:30 AM        WETLAND WALK – Wetlands are wet, and full of life! Come along for a soggy hike near Fall Creek, on the far side of the Devil’s Backbone. We might even spot a few dragonflies! Drive to the camp store, and we’ll carpool.

12 NOON      SOIL CREATURES – It’s not just plain old “dirt!” Come “dig into” some new discoveries about the soil beneath our feet. Meet at the Open Air Chapel.

2:30 PM        BIKE HIKE TO THE OVERLOOK -Let’s travel together, on bicycle and on foot, to search for signs of the people and the wildlife that have traveled here. Pedal on down to the camper check-in station. Note that ALL riders MUST wear a bicycle helmet. Children 10 or under must be accompanied by an adult!

5:00 PM        CHEROKEE GAMES – Let’s play some traditional Cherokee games. See what life was like for Native American children, before the days of video games! Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bath house if it is raining.

7:00 PM        TREE TOOLS – How big is that tree? How old is it? What wildlife could be hiding in it? Come see and try out some of the tools that foresters use to study and protect our native trees. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bath house if it is raining.

9:00 PM        FOREST TREES – Take a “hike” from the comfort of your seat. Enjoy a “tour” of our nearby forest habitats using words and pictures. After the slide show, we’ll share a demonstration of how to identify our local trees. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or pool entrance if it is raining.



9:30 AM        NATIONAL TRAIL DAY “WAHOO HIKE” – Celebrate National Trails Day on a great 4 mile hike rich in nature discovery and local history. Discover evidence of earlier travelers along the Warriors’ Path as we travel part of an official National Recreational Trail!Be sure to come dressed for the weather and for hiking over some rocky and uneven terrain. Wear good walking shoes, and bring along some water and a snack.Meet at the Warriors’ Path State Park mountain bike trail parking lot

11:30 AM      100 INCH HIKE – Especially for small, tired feet! Discover life on the tiny side. This will also be a great chance to catch a critter for the races! Meet at the main bath house.

12 NOON      CRITTER RACE FOR FREEDOM – Bring your best creepy crawler to the main bath house. They’ll all win, because they’ll all get their freedom. No pets or flying creatures please.

3:00 PM        CREEK WALK – Get on your old clothes and tennis shoes. It’s time to explore the cool, clear creek waters. We’ll discover a world of amazing life. Drive to the camp store, and we’ll carpool. Be prepared to get wet!

5:00 PM        CRITTER KEEPERS – Want to get a closer look at the little things in nature? Let’s make some “temporary tents” for tiny bugs. Meet at the main bath house. Bring along a clear plastic container if you have one.

6:00 PM        4-SQUARE – Come enjoy some fast-paced fun! How fast can you keep the ball bouncing? Meet at the main bath house.

7:00 PM        PRE-DINNER RAMBLE – Let’s “work up an appetite” for nature discovery! Enjoy a short easy walk through the woodlands. Meet at the camper check-in station.

9:00 PM        CHEROKEE CAMPFIRE TALES – Meet at the campfire circle, and enjoy the stories told by the FIRST travelers along the Warriors’ Path. If it is raining, we’ll have an indoor “campfire” at the pool entrance.



9:00 AM        WORSHIP SERVICE – Enjoy a peaceful morning worship service at the Open Air Chapel, or at the pool entrance if it is raining. Sponsored by the Colonial Heights Baptist Church.



The Smithsonian Institute is bringing a traveling exhibit called “Water|Ways” to Warriors’ Path State Park this summer: Come back (June 24 through August 6) and enjoy this amazing interactive exhibit.

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