Leaders for a Litter-Free Tennessee: Kayla Carter

During these times, outdoor recreation has seen an influx of folks who aren’t recreating responsibly. Follow along as we feature local leaders for a litter-free Tennessee and ways you can help reduce your footprint on our lands.

Kayla Carter is a prominent figure blazing the trails in Northeast Tennessee, and even all the way up to Maine! After hiking The Appalachian Trail, she knew that she wanted to spend her life giving back to the great outdoors through volunteer efforts and keeping the trail accessible for future generations of hikers.

Meet:  Kayla Carter

Kayla has volunteered with groups like the Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club, as well as teaching Leave No Trace groups. You will see her from time to time dabbling in just about anything outdoors and conservation-related!

From organizing the Meet the Mountains Festival in Johnson City, Tenn., to maintaining and blazing local trails, we are continually inspired by her and can’t wait to see what she does next!

If you are looking for an activity to get outside and off the couch while still social distancing during the pandemic, put your volunteer shoes on and head to the hills! We take pride in our beautiful mountain scenery in Northeast Tennessee and want to protect it for generations to come. We need YOU to join us and local leaders for a litter-free Tennessee.

Article & Photography By:
Alicia Bynum, AdventurePickle.com